Playful jazzy keys, silky vocals and thick a bassline - Sunday eaasy morning's best friend. Starting off with something smooth from our mates at DeepMatter.

Touching down two years after the release of his debut project Daughter of The Sun, Saskatoon-based vbnd is back with news about his forthcoming album Scum Funk. The first step of that sonic journey "Slowly Starting to Take Form" is the happiness you're experiencing right now (assuming you hit the play button by now).

The song features gritty instrumentation from the bassist and producer, diverging from Katie Tupper’s tender voice. The spirited bassline plays alongside the zesty keys and syncopated drums, creating a seamless backbone for the breezy lyrics and vocals. vbnd shares about the composition,

an effort to create something super groovy, yet different from anything of Daughter of The Sun. Something a little more funk with some more stank than the grooves of my previous projects.

posted by Ivo
January 2021