LA-based producer and DJ veggi has enlisted Lowgo and donSMITH for "RIGHT ON TIME" - the opening track of his new EP HYDROPHONICS.

The moment I saw the names here, I knew that we were in for a listening experience with fascinating production and stellar lyricism. veggi's signature funky dance sound and fun-loving personality are injected into everything he touches and this is evident in "RIGHT ON TIME". We're welcome to glossy synths and pianos laid over groovy drums to blur the lines between hip hop and dance. It was also such a delight to hear the synergy between Lowgo and donSMITH throughout their verses as they both exhibited quite a charismatic performance.

“A driving force behind this project was experimenting with classic and traditional house elements. The project sort of started with a Pinterest mood board of Y2K-inspired imagery with the sound of late 90s house vibes. Once I had that direction down it sort of shaped the entire sound of the EP, my creative process with collaborators, and the new live show and visual direction.” - veggi on making Hydroponics EP

posted by Lu
November 2023