It has been a few years since I've fallen in love with the sound of Verboten Berlin and yet weirdly this would be my first feature of his music on Stereofox.

Verboten Berlin is an artistic endeavor led by Alexander Freund, a Berlin-based (what a surprise) musician. The project is a fusion of his Neo Kraut DNA and a penchant for analog sounds with the vibrant and diverse club culture of the German capital, as well as his passion for composing and songwriting.

"The track is a mixture of my physical need to push things forward and let them stroll away at the same time. Coming from the cello as a kid, I had some classical feels for the topic, but chose to let these evolve as some kind of harmonic depth at specific parts, trying to stand back a little behind the topic and not make it a cliché of its own.", shares Verboten Berlin.

Unlike a lot of electronic-infused track, "How Can I Trust" is heavily relying on the lyrical confession of Alex, which I deeply appreciate. The essence of what he sings about is the perfect juxtaposition of the hard-hitting synths layered as the song's basics. Add the classical scent from his background and you have a complex and extremely powerful sonic experience. This is one of the reasons I am utterly excited about anything Verboten Berlin puts out.

posted by Ivo
April 2023