Besides being one of the most respected beatmakers in my book, Jake Brown (AKA Handbook) is also one of my favourite electronic artists. Someone who joined the label early on and was the reason we started releasing organic house music in the first place.

I am honored to announce that we're preparing our 3rd project together - an 8-track album titled Permanence, scheduled for release at the beginning of 2023. The first single, "Shore" is a solid indicator of what's ahead - a gorgeous synth-heavy progressive house composition with elements of electronica and downtempo.

While predominantly upbeat, there's something dark and mystic about the song. Listening to it feels like being wrapped in a thick layer of fog while searching for the shore and the moment you would feel safe again. I absolutely love the utilization of vocals throughout the track - it feels like someone's calling.

Stream the single on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
November 2022