One more beautiful chill electronica taken from our latest Verdance release Unison.

"Silent Water" is the 2nd Sooski feature on the EP. "Silent Water" carries Jake’s signature driving beatwork, ethereal synths & natural elements and features London singer Sooski - for a hypnotising electronica experience

“It has been so weird over the past year or so for us as a local, national and global community. Divided online, we also got separated in the physical world due to the Pandemic upon us.

Our networks were disrupted and we were unable to look after each other properly. Unison felt like a record that could help unite people. I wanted to create a work that suggested unity, equality, love, and euphoria. Fitting tonics for a global landscape that needs to become whole once again”, shares Jake about the EP.

Stream on all platforms here.

posted by Ivo
December 2021