The day has come! I'm beyond excited to share with you our newest label release - Verdance's mind-blowing record Permanence.

After a beautiful interview on BBC Radio 6 last week and a great singles run, it's time for the world to experience in full the very complex sonic world that Verdance has created.

“The name sums up what music means to me – at the moment I feel that so much in the world is beyond my control, is constantly changing, and at odds with each other. Music, on the other hand, is a safe constant, and it’s something I can have a say in. The opening track Semblance is a facade – a calm, thoughtful piece that hides the busy undercurrents of reality below. Meander is the first movement towards stability, with themes of healing, and growth. Shore, Sundown and Fight the Tide demonstrate power and drive – making the most of now. By the end, Mercy is taking stock of what has gone before it, and what will come next.”, shares Jake.

I decided to start my day with one of my personal favorites on the record - "Sundown". What I love the most about the track are the powerful and pulsating kicks which serve as a great foundation for the mystic and vocally-driven ambiance.

Stream the full album on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
January 2023