Canadian producer Vertefeuille makes his debut on Stereofox Records with the enchanting single "Petite Douceur" - a track brimming with color thanks to its lush textures. 

The work of Vertefeuille is usually a source of melodic escapism for listeners. This sentiment is also evident in "Petite Douceur", which is French for little sweetness. There is a cinematic flair we're acquainted with here thanks to the epic presence of the bass, although it's certainly the fluttering arps that bring the track to life thanks to their glossy allure. This also accentuates the track's fierce and optimistic mood throughout.

"The inspiration for this song was instantaneous. Petite Douceur means little sweetness in French and represents well the spirit of this song; a chill melodic and yet energetic ballad that should lift your day." - Vertefeuille

Furthermore, renowned electronic and downtempo producer MÒZÂMBÎQÚE has given Petite Douceur new life through his stellar remix. You're welcome to experience both releases here.

posted by Lu
May 2023