From sensual to groovy, Vessna Scheff acquaints listeners with a range of different feelings on her stunning new release "JAM" with Great Time.

Raised on r&b, hip hop, folk, and classical music in the San Francisco Bay Area, Scheff’s sonic repertoire is vast, and "JAM" proves this. We can tell she refuses to be slotted into a box with this release as she displays her talents as a vocalist and a songwriter over an instrumental that's unorthodox. It's playful, sexy, and dance-friendly throughout different moments of the progression. Towards the end, her velvet smooth vocals are complemented by the presence of a sax and colorful percussion to make for one hell of a memorable closer.

"This track is taken from the upcoming LP ‘Never Mind the Moon’; a concept record tracking a dreamscape that takes place throughout the night at the roller-skating rink. The album took inspiration from the freedom and joy of movement Scheff found during challenging times. Through the dips and swells of the journey, alongside production from long-term collaborator Lee Clarke, the result is an iconic debut of mesmerizing, era-defying sound," they share.

posted by Lu
last month