Novo Amor & Ed Tullett's upcoming collaboration album is just around the corner. Heiress is scheduled for November 10th via AllPoints and today we're exploring the sound & visuals for their new single "Terraform".

I've been following these guys for years and the magnitude and power of their music it's not really news. Their tracks have always been breath-taking, so I didn't expect anything less from the music video and my expectations were absolutely met. The combination of sound visuals is just pure goosebumps. I highly recommend seeing the video in highest resolution possible.

Also, at the end you'll be able to read the noble quest and the story of Bas - the protagonist in the video. I've done a screenshot, so it's easier to read. If you can, please support their cause. You can find more information here.

novo amor ed tullet terraform    
posted by Ivo
October 2017