Finally Volcano Choir released their brilliant "Byegone"! So...question is why has nobody told me about this gorgeous side project of Justin Vernon? He teamed up with the post-rock Collections of Colonies of Bees (odd band name if you ask me) and you can listen to what came out of it below.

Volcano Choir have been silent after their first 2009 album, but great news! The new album Repave will be released early September 2013 on Jagjaguwar records. "Byegone" is the first track that we get to hear from this album and this is definitely a treat for the millions of Bon Iver fans. Vernon's unmistakable crescendo combined with epic and triumphant post-rock instrumental section. Can it get better? I adore the development of the melody with a minimalistic intro and outro and a very emotional in terms of vocals/lyrics and melody main part of the track. And check out the artwork: fits perfectly.

Epic Vernon is epic.

posted by Anna
July 2013