It has been a particularly sunny and positive morning as there is a small cause for celebration for the fox... visitors-wise. So, waking up without hangover on Saturday morning and enjoying the sun out on the balcony, I had to take a different direction than the post-rock I wanted to share. Something care-free was needed. Digging deep into the music reserves, the solution came into the face of the buoyant tunes of Wampire.

The Portland boys will take us back in time to imaginary lands inhabited by... hm, it just feels like saying happy hippies. The tune is one massive mountain of psych-pop relaxation. "Trains" is part of their album Curiosity, which I believe was released earlier this year on Polyvinyl Records. I personally find the track the best solution for breaking away from the mundane life moods. Be happy, enjoy!

posted by Ivo
August 2013