After almost a year-long hiatus, Washed Out returns with an eclectic track ornamented with his signature breezy vocals, and coupled with lively percussive arrangements to brighten the multi-colored single "Too Late".

Washed Out's music has guided me out a number of drastic situations throughout my life, so I was immediately met with giddy and delight when I came across the new release. In many ways, this is reminiscent of his collaboration with Roosevelt by virtue of the phrase "Too Late" - which echoes with vigor in both choruses respectively. The lyrics on here literally sounds like the depiction of a perfect date with the person you can see yourself spending your entire life with. And his pop-influenced vocal delivery make the track all the more memorable.

"Due to travel restrictions and quarantine laws the video shoot for “Too Late” was canceled. I asked fans to help me make a new video by sharing footage they’d shot from around the world. The response was overwhelming."

posted by Lu
April 2020