Aussie producer Wayfarer// has been releasing nothing but haunting and extremely absorbing music. His latest collaboration "Broken Wire" is a one way ticket to goosebumps town.

Featuring LANKS' gorgeous vocals, the two created a mellow, yet extremely powerful sound world and after numerous plays I still don't know if I should be dancing around or spacing out. The production is a perfect example how to utilize a lot of elements used in EDM music and yet create something extremely beautiful. It's not over the top and it's absolutely straight to the point.

Speaking of "Broken Wire", LANKS shares:

The line that really sums it up for me is 'growing up for nothing, but another time'. Sometimes I look forward too much, not appreciating the present - a timely reminder to myself.

The song will be part of Wayfarer//'s upcoming Garden State EP. Stay tuned for more info!

posted by Ivo
July 2017