Ever since we first featured WESLEE back in 2016, Josh and Emma have built a cult following because of their enigmatic and lush melodies, soft voices that feel like clouds, and the ability to make you feel. Preferring to let their music speak for itself, the duo opts for photos with obscured faces and undisclosed surnames, which further enhances the fandom across the globe.

Labeled as one of the Top 10 British R&B Soul Artists to Watch by Complex, the duo has millions of streams worldwide, music featured on Gray's Anatomy, and a headline show at the iconic The Waiting Room (London). I still recall the first time I heard "Gassed" and it's been so rewarding being part of the journey.

Today we celebrate the 3rd single from their new EP Weslee World One titled "Big Collide".

Josh and Emma share, "Big Collide is a song about that point in the relationship where you realise it's the beginning of the end. Maybe the end has already started but you’re only now realising and the only way is down from here. You can tell in their behaviour, it’s not what they say but how they say it, it’s clear in how they act. Things are different when a relationship is ending. The message of Big Collide is that’s what love is. Love is two people colliding their lives, themselves, into each other. Sometimes that’s great and harmonious, and sometimes it’s a car crash - which is what this song is about. It’s during it all and that feeling as it’s happening, seeing the relationship for what it is."

The track is enchanting and gave me instant goosebumps. I love the ambient-like first part of the song which lets Emma's vocals truly shine and how that suddenly introduces a groovy bassline and tight drums adding a scent of classic soul / r&b into it.

posted by Ivo
last month