In their newest release, "What It Feels Like", the USA avant-garde duo WESLEE invites listeners into a sonic realm where lush guitars, ethereal harmonies, and the ambient sounds of nature converge.

Emma DD's vocals gracefully intertwine with a soulful bassline, weaving a tapestry of emotion. As the track unfolds, layers of intricate production build, delivering a transcendent experience. Emma DD's lyrics navigate the complexities of love, expressing a reluctant romance with lines like, "So if this is what it feels like, send the butterflies away - never wanted them to stay."

Speaking on the track, WESLEE explains: “What It Feels Like is act two of the three acts. Love You I Do was looking back in retrospect and seeing the relationship for what it was, but What It Feels Like is just before. It’s the crush before you fall and hit the shitstorm. It’s that feeling where when someone brings them up you smile, a schoolgirl crush - that’s what this song is about. It’s wishing those terrible feelings could go away, a crush is fun, but it's also the worst

‘What It Feels Like’ is another offering from the WESLEE world, which seeks to galvanize listeners through vivid experiences that surpass those typically offered by artists existing in the contemporary music landscape.

posted by Boris
November 2023