A new Weval! Been waiting for this for a while now, and as always - the Dutch duo deliver. Had the pleasure of seeing them live back in 2017 in Barcelona, and been a fan ever since.

"Changed For The Better" is the title track of their forthcoming EP, scheduled for release on the 12th of November via Ninja Tune's imprint Technicolour. It won't take you long before you realize how uplifting the tune is. That's Weval's debut on the label, and I was really happy to see this match.

Besides the energy, Harm and Merijn build the composition on merging emotive vocals with pumped-up beats and highly affecting melodies and riffs. The guys share that they created the track with the clear idea of its live performance and with an audience in front of them in mind (besides the ongoing Pandemic).

Their core influences growing up converge and contrast to produce a perfect balance and once can feel that. Harm listened to more subdued music during the nineties, “I always had a true sweet spot for sentimental pop and RnB and from the beginning 2000 hits from N.E.R.D. Aaliyah, Usher and Madonna.” Harm commented. “After some time, I stepped away and discovered Yonderboi and St. Germain and that opened the door to Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis and the whole world of jazz. So much fun to step into new worlds, I guess the red line between all those things is that the sound was not screaming but more gentle and clean”. Merijn grew up with more high energy stuff, “for me, the first time hearing those 90's movie soundtracks like Fight Club, Blade and the Matrix was really influential. Later on hearing DJ Shadow for the first time, RJD2, Amon Tobin.” Merijn added.

Stay tuned for more from the upcoming EP!

posted by Ivo
October 2021