The British producer WheelUP surely has done it again. He's here with his sophomore album We Are The Magic, where the lyrics are centered around themes such as the law of attraction, humanitarianism, and spiritualism.

This is his most mature and forward-thinking work to date as it includes talented collaborators - Victoria Port and Abacus being two of them. "More Life" is the lead single blending orchestral strings, piano, and emotive lyricism. Abacus comes around for the additional production as you may know him as Harry Bryson from the drum & bass duo Pola & Bryson.

The Brighton singer Victoria Port includes herself with her amazing vocals and Danny a.k.a WheelUp says: “When Victoria wrote the lyrics, she was pregnant with her baby and the line ‘I’ve got two hearts beating inside’ really touched me”.

posted by Krisi
last month