A few days ago, White Lies re-emerged from the shadows to announce the impending arrival of their third record, Big TV, due out in mid-August. Accompanying this news, the band have released a new song, "Getting Even", a towering, brute of a single that is perfect for an anthemic festival sing-along, or for the many air guitar/drummer aficionados out there.

After listening to "Getting Even" for the first time, I was suitably impressed, however since then it has grown on me tenfold. Reverting back to the classic song model that has treated the band so well on their previous albums, "Getting Even" infuses heavy synths with massive guitars, drums and bass riffs that are incredibly uplifting and involving for the listener. Only a precursor to the lead single (expected early August), "Getting Even" is being given away for free, so snap it up now from the Soundcloud player below!

posted by Staff
June 2013