Few days ago I was reading through an interview with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver. One of the questions was... umm, related to the fact that he recorded the first album by himself, while the second one, he allowed external (by that time) people to not only join him on stage, but be able to shape the final form, structure and melody of the tracks in Bon Iver, Bon Iver. The answer was "I don't want to be the guy with an acoustic guitar singing songs, because that's boring for the most part" and with perhaps he has a solid amount of arguments behind those words, but... if the music sounds like the song I'm sharing with you - well, fuck me - I would go for that kind of boring.

I've always been amused with how underrated William Fitzsimmons is. Not sure if today is your first encounter with his music, but this guy is channeling so much emotion using his voice and a 5 stringer that... its one of those things that makes you love music. And yes, this track is mellow, perhaps might sadden some of you, but I think it is nice to embrace such feelings from time to time. Pff, I'm not sure if I'm making any sense right now, but anyhow - this is the kind of song you want on your smartphone when you've got a long walk ahead of you at night.

posted by Ivo
December 2013