Bonobo & Nick Murphy (aka Chet Faker). Probably two of our most favourite (and featured) artists of all times are both doing DJ sets in Berlin prior this year's MELT! festival (this year's line-up is absolutely stellar). On the same day. In the same venue.

Needless to say, this news was like heaven. The gig will be held at IPSE - a venue which since its opening a few months ago has been absolutely stellar when it comes to events. Few weeks ago, they had Soulection's Sango, which was sick!

edit: winner has been chosen, congrats to mr Thien Le (if you read this, please reach us at [email protected])

That being said, we got 2 tickets to give away, so without stalling much -  Berliners, we hope the ones excited the most win! The more options you do - the higher the chance.

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Win 2 tickets for Bonobo/Chet Faker live at IPSE, Berlin

Obviously we need some proper music to warm-up for the 28th, so...

posted by Ivo
June 2015