2022 was a weird year. Cool, beautiful, full of excitement, full of ups and downs, but one I will remember forever. It's the year I got engaged! That memory alone is something I will cherish forever.

In the 10 years of running Stereofox I never took a break over Christmas. If anything, I tend to use that time to work on some long-term projects as I am free from my day-job responsibilities. This year, however, I felt like taking a break. It all felt too much, too fast, too everything, and even though it felt weird not to check emails or write about music, it felt good.

Happy 2023, Internet friends. I hope this year brings you health, love, and happiness! Everything else is achievable.

I guess that's my short, but sweet summary and way to part with last year and now I am so, so happy to be back with new music. I decided to start the year with something unusual for Stereofox - an ambient track that's on the drone / meditation / sleep side. I just fell in love with it and it felt like a great way to start this year. A year we're going to achieve a lot.

Window Seat is the ambient project of producer & composer Ariel Loh. "Resurface" is your ticket to that inner place where everything stressful vanishes. If you're planning on creating a plan for 2023 or taking a few moments to absorb all of 2022 - that's the perfect premise for that. I promise you nothing, but inner peace.

I also started a new playlist called ambient sleep, if you fancy more of that vibe - look it up on our streaming platforms.

posted by Ivo
January 2023