I'm humbled and, at the same time, excited to have another stellar album via Stereofox.

Our dear Bulgarian talents, singer Y A N A & producer Gena dropped the full Under My Skin, after teasing with 4 singles. The 9-song record, which is somewhat of Y A N A's 2022 diary, shows the variety of her vocal abilities and her genre-bending approach - fusing r&b, pop, neo-soul, and even hip hop. All done with Gena's raw & captivating production.

“Under My Skin is a journal. Very intimate, real, vulnerable. It takes you through my fears, desires, parts of myself I’ve never been honest or brave enough to share," Y A N A shares.

She also adds, "I really let you “under my skin”, both metaphorically and literally, since my body and tattoos are my journal and one of the main inspirations for this album. I love the whole concept of the needle that goes under your skin, hurts you for a bit, but it’s bittersweet enough for you to let it in. To let it leave a “scar” that’s gonna stay with you forever. And you are the one that made that decision. It’s always your decisions that lead you where you are."

Having also written the song titles by hand on the cassette tape & the vinyl, she welcomes the listeners into both her good & bad moments, insecurities & times of clarity. Hence, the album consists of fragile and empowering songs, just like life is.

"Bare Feet" would be my go-to track (although all are outstanding) due to its lightness & ability to put a smile on your face. A truly feel-good gem about enjoying each day you have.

Stream / buy the full Under My Skin (vinyl pre-order included) here.

posted by Nasko
May 2023