I don't know if you remember the sultry "Miss You" from back in 2018.

But Yabou & Kaiya Crawford are back in our feed 5 years later with a makeover, thanks to MISERO & Maik the Maker. They turned the mellow r&b gem into a beach/cocktail-worthy soundtrack, adding a chill but bright house beat, pulsating synths, sheeny guitars & captivating vocal processing, making this a song we'll surely be playing often this summer.

Yabou explains the story behind it, "I always wanted to experiment and add a different touch to my 2018 debut single “Miss You” which started it all for me. I recently sat together with my good producer friends MISERO and Maik the Maker and we had so much fun working on this remix. What we ended up with is a fresh, bouncy and vibrant deep house remix. This is for the late drives, the summer nights, the nostalgic moments, maybe even the melancholic ones… I hope this makes your soul feel liberated, lets you express whatever feeling you’re holding - and if you’re missing someone I hope this helps you just as much as the original release did."

The whole vibe somehow reminded me of Daju or Cabu, perhaps because this does originate from SoundCloud's golden days. Hope it brings you brightness the way it did to us.

posted by Nasko
July 2023