...the state or situation of being alone.

Hit the play button and explore the lonesome, intimate, and silky world of YAИА's new single. The track is produced by GENA who is part of one of the most prolific hip-hop acts in Bulgaria So Called Crew.

"Solitude" is a follow-up to her January debut "Bez Opasnost" produced by Trombobby and it's an absolute wave of awesomeness. While YAИА's rapping abilities pop up throughout the track, but for me, this is a heavy champion in the r&b/soul category. The true enigma here lies within the high-pitched vocals which show how versatile she is as a singer.

I also appreciate the underlying guitars which the beat is built around. The intro is very fluid and experimental and it made me think of both Atu's spaced-out vibe and Clams Casino's glitchy-ness.

posted by Ivo
March 2021