This brought me back to 2016 - right before I joined Stereofox. I remember getting into BANKS big time and the first seconds of today's beauty will trigger any fans of the US songstress.

Yasmine Gill delivers "Woman" which is an outstanding soul/r&b/jazz piece with a touch of alt-pop & trip-hop in the intro and the chorus - a blend that I didn't know I needed.

"Woman", true to its title, revolves around topics like identity, feminine energy & pride. Yasmine elaborates:

What makes a woman? A woman is resilient and multidimensional, vulnerable and strong, assertive and gentle, confident and humble, and never needing to give one up for the other. They can be either, or both, or none at all, and yet they remain true to their name. I am a woman, I am proud, and I am powerful.

posted by Nasko
August 2022