When you're an unsigned band, all it takes these days is one great tune to sky rocket your popularity, opening up the genuine possibility of clinching something really special on the other side. Oxford based afro-indie band Yellow Fever may have such a track, in the form of their brand new thrilling and energetic single 'Wax'.

The songs complex tumbling guitar lines and exotic drumming are perpetually exciting, scrambling away frenetically beneath lead singer Dele Adewuyi's confident and rather endearing vocals. The song builds in intensity throughout, eventually unleashing 45 seconds of pure guitar heaven at the end that is brilliantly stirring to the ears.

Attached to 'Wax', the band have also released their first ever music video, a mammoth 10 minute affair that is well worth watching from start to finish. Although the song doesn't kick in until halfway through, the slapstick inspired video has a great evolving storyline that will definitely leave you with a beaming smile at the end. Check out the video or the song stream below.

posted by Staff
August 2013