Hop off onto a cloud and join me for an ethereal r&b ride.

Your Ex, a singer/songwriter/producer from LA, brings the delicate "Everything you need", part of his new EP Interludes & Daydreams p.2. If you're a fan of Frank Ocean or James Blake, you'll love this.

Rather minimal & airy, the song relies mainly on gentle keys and his soothing voice, with a lovely synth-bass touch that feels like mirroring your heartbeat at times.

“I wanted to create something authentic to me, neither explicitly modern nor overtly commercial. There’s a thread within my music that fans will soon find. When writing these songs, I tend to dive in and out of past and present situations, dissecting lessons and exposing personal faults that in the past have been difficult to come face to face with. The series of Interludes & Daydreams is about specific moments in a shared timeline that kinda defined who I am now. This is for those that are looking for an explanation or some validation for their blurred emotions. Love can be a crushingly confusing place, even when it’s real”, Your Ex shares.

Make sure to check the full EP, it's absolutely gorgeous.

posted by Nasko
March 2023