I rarely find and share cyberpunk and darksynth music, but when I do - you know you're in for a treat.

Cyberpunk is often characterized by its futuristic, dystopian, and often gritty soundscapes. It incorporates elements of electronic music (mostly synthesizers and drum machines), as well as industrial and rock influences. The genre typically features themes of rebellion, oppression, and the dehumanizing effects of technology, with lyrics and visuals that reflect a dark, cybernetic world. I guess the closest label release we have to this is Elijah Nang's Gajin 3000.

But... now back to YOUTH 83 and Forhill. I couldn't pull much info on the former besides the fact that he's British, but the latter is someone we've been particularly interested in. Forhill is a Boston-based independent artist who rose to prominence via SoudnCloud and YouTube and has been active for a few years now. They are both recognized for that specific nostalgia-infused downtempo electronic sound similar to Com Truise (who we interviewed), Tycho, and Neon Indian.

"Fly High" is the ultimate experience when it comes to traveling and losing yourself to that synth/retrowave sound. It really feels like you're the main character in Bladerunner.

Now it's time for me to go and re-watch the movie, I guess. It's Sunday after all.

posted by Ivo
February 2023