Today I will take you on a musical adventure to the deep roots of Brazillian music and I will tell you the story of a song that has such a deep meaning & message. Sit back, and enjoy.

Brazillian top-notche electronic producers & DJs Antdot & Maz joint forces to make their own interpretation of the song "Todo Homem", featuring the astonishing vocals by leading Brazillian artist and multiple times Grammy award winner, Zeca Veloso. The remix has the emotive & touching lyrics from the original, combined with colorful layers of soothing piano leads, breath-taking synths & organic house beat.

Antdot and Maz honored this song by reimagining it, simultaneously preserving every aspect of the original intention. While you surf through it, completely hypnotized by its beauty you are starting to feel even more the emotions of "warmth" and "coziness".

"Todo Homem"'s version by Antdot & Maz is the pure diamond of the Brazillian art culture. It connects, it touches, it speaks and it gives you joy and peace.

posted by Boris
August 2022