ZUSO is a project by Gabriel Cuenca, an Australian producer known for his atmospheric-house style, which can be compared to a fusion of Lane 8, Flume, and Rufus Du Sol. Basically my favourite artists!

Recently, Gabriel has been working on a series of new ZUSO singles that he plans to release throughout the year. Starting this week, we're thrilled to be premiering his latest track, "Higher". The primary goal for ZUSO is to create music that transports listeners into another world, so he constructs intricate soundscapes filled with dreamy atmospheres and euphoric moods. Based on what you're listening to right now, it's safe to say that we can expect more fantastic music from ZUSO in the upcoming months.

"The idea for ‘Higher’ came from me stumbling across this sample/template online. It was a fast-paced drum and bass-styled beat with these somewhat dreamy pads and chords as the melodies. It’s the first time for me to experiment with a fast-tempo drum & bass-styled track, but I felt it fit my vibe really well and thought it was really cool. As a lot of the stuff I work on is focused around the progressive house/melodic beats, I thought it would be interesting to change it up and still keep that dreamy atmospheric type of vibe, just with a faster beat.", shares the artist.

posted by Ivo
March 2023