After a 3 year hiatus, 2nd Exit makes a triumphant return with Imaginary Friend to release a new EP, All Out. This project immerses listeners in a wave of nostalgia, drawing inspiration from legendary hip-hop groups like Slum Village and A Tribe Called Quest.

2nd Exit is the combination of MC & musicians Lester Duval & Alfa Mist, who originally came together while working on Barney Artist's Bespoke EP. The closing track "All Out" on their latest body of work is an absolute rhyme fest that showcases superb lyricism over a pleasantly eerie instrumental. What's bound to grab your attention here are the peculiar Dilla-esque drums, and they compel Lester and Imaginary Friend to offer a unique range of flows throughout the track. It's not only in the beat where we here a sense of rebelliousness, this is also found in the lyrics as they continuously echo, "I won't fit your mold."

Feel free to dive into the full project below if you enjoyed this:

posted by Lu
October 2023