So I've been waiting for quite some time to share this track with you guys and that moment has finally come. Ladies and gents I present to you "Forecast" - the focus single from the debut album Transmissions by the hip-hop experimental duo 3.5.7 Solar, consisting of the rapper Star BBY & music producer Hologram. The two producers have been working together for years to manifest their unique sound and they are finally ready to showcase it to the world.

Their music is something you can't put in a genre box and Forecast is the manifestation of their sound. The song is a boutique & aesthetically captivating journey through spacy atmospheric soundscapes, deep & dark beats with flawless rapping & sharp prose. Oh, yea, I almost forgot at the end of the song there is a mysterious sexy female voice, maybe she is part of the bigger story, who knows? The only way to find out is to listen to the whole album. Enjoy.

posted by Boris
August 2022