I recently discovered a delightful record by Danish-based producer and pianist 9ICK.

And today I have the pleasure of showing you "Nyhavn by Day" a track off of the aforementioned album released on Etymology Records which is titled Urban Waters.

The beat is inspired by the atmosphere in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, a waterfront, canal, and entertainment district full of life and energy. It's a beautiful culmination of jazzy soundscapes and crispy drums, that perfectly depicts the scenery of Nyhavn; vibrantly colorful buildings and people having a good time.

It's music that will sit well with jazz enthusiasts and hip-hop nerds. And I personally think that is one of the main characteristics of Nicolas' sound, it borders between those two realms and combines them effortlessly.

And once again we have our friends at Soul Food Horns lay down beautiful horn melodies and harmonization in the smoothest fashion imaginable, which is always a pleasure to behold!

Listen to the full album here:

posted by Axian
January 2022