What is chillhop? Chillhop is a genre which brings together hip hop beats with a rather mellow and relaxed feel. A sort of slower instrumental hip hop music, which often utilizes elements from the jazz, ambient, dowtempo and trip-hop genres. Culturally, the origins and main influences are mainly coming from North America, Japan and United Kingdom.

Some of the most notable artists include Nujabes (often called the father of chillhop), Pete Rock, J Dilla, early Gramatik stuff and Flying Lotus. Nowadays, upcoming beatmakers like Brock Berrigan, Poldoore, Vanilla, Aso and Birocratic carry on the legacy and add a new fresh angle on the scene.

A very big role in the expansion of the genre play the guys from Chillhop Records who have been releasing and pushing the music forward for the past couple of years. fter all of this, just hit the play button and dive into the world of beautiful instrumental beat music.