The latest album Age of Imperfection by New Yorker Adam Deitch brings a number of hip hop tributes. Not only does the whole album explore a number of broken-beat flavors, but also includes sonic symbolism.

"Linden Blvd" brings a nostalgic sound reminiscent of a different, simpler time. The actual Boulevard, which runs through Brooklyn and Queens in New York City, is where hip hop legends Q-Tip and the late Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest grew up and is featured in their famous track and music video for "Check The Rhime".

The Nyack, New York native Deitch brings a heavy hip hop influence in his pursuits as a professional drummer in the worlds of jazz, funk, and electronic music. Discover the eclectic exhibition of all of the above styles in the stream of his solo album Age of Imperfection below:

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posted by Mike
September 2020