In Adam Deitch’s latest solo record Age of Imperfection, the producer wears many hats. He wears a strong drummer/producer hat as he builds homemade drum loops layered with percussion siphoned through intricate processing and mixing. He also sports his multi-instrumentalist hat with his own loops converging an arsenal of organic and synthesized sounds throughout.  

The album’s second track “Meeting of the Mystics” is where he wears all of his hats. He calls upon the organic and the electronic realms of production borrowing from multiple eras. One key role in this track is the vintage Rhodes keyboard that slides us into its explosive electro-jazz feel. From there, we’re swept into an infectious hip hop shuffle where a bouquet of synth layers gets assembled for our enjoyment.

Deitch’s intuition as a drummer and multi-instrumentalist comes across strong in this album. He plays with anticipation building tension through intricate cadences that release sometimes into new movements. In "Meeting of the Mystics", he brings builds up to a solo on the keys that remains a defining feature of the song.

The name of the game is hip hop in Age of Imperfection, but we get a multi-perspective view on the eras preceding and following it. Have a listen below:

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posted by Mike
September 2020