A night flight over the city - the feeling which I got while listening to this captivating remix of Add-us' track "Find You". Imagine you had the superpower to fly and could freely do so any time things would go mad - what a therapy! And this song would be the perfect soundtrack.

This reimagination of the original track is crafted by Jurek Riegler, whose sound is hard to pin down. Taking a future garage course, he made the track sharper and pushed its emotivity to another level. Empowering, while melancholic, the track carries a strong character. Riegler combined tight percussion with atmospheric synths, topped with touching vocals, which enhance the feeling of floating. The track graciously slows down and levitates low around the middle, then seamlessly comes back with a hard-hitting beat drop.

In other words, a brilliant track, which you need to hear! To explore the other versions, out now via ICONYC, scroll below:

ICONYC · Add-Us - Find You | ICONYC NYC025X
posted by Nora
December 2021