Great to have the legendary Adi Oasis (FKA Adeline) back on our feed. After having the pleasure of interviewing the French-Caribbean singer, bassist and producer earlier this year, she's back with new fire.

"Get it Got it" comes a month after her mind-blowing collab with Jamila Woods "Red to Violet" and will immediately transport to the French riviera funk vibes circa 1980. This is also the title track of her upcoming album we're all hyped about.

"Get it Got it" is a letter from Adi’s younger self to her current self, reminding her to not let fear in the way and that when you take a risk for something you truly want, you never regret it. Instant feel-good and Adi's signature groovy bassline.

I really love the switch towards the 3rd minute mark and how flawlessly the song transitions into a whole new feel. Excited for the full record already?

posted by Ivo
October 2022