Electro Funk is a misunderstood genre. With roots in UK dance culture from the 80s, Electro Funk originally fused the world of electronic production with American black music culture, namely, you guessed it: funk! The inter-mingling of Electro Funk between genre classifications during this era paved the path for a fusion of genres that would become the pre-cursor to hip hop and beyond. Huge synthesizers, funky basslines, and 80s drum machines... that's the name of the 80s Electro Funk era. Think: Dazz Band, Run Dmv, P-Funk Allstars & beyond. Nowadays, the term "electro funk" takes on a whole new meaning with a whole new fusion and production technology. Funk and soul luminiously glow in the ocean of electronic music with roots in sample-based electronic hip hop, which took classic funk tunes to a whole new level. With the production landscape vastly different, producers nowadays flip funky samples into massive dancefloor smasher to keep the spirit of Funk alive. Prominent producers: Pretty Lights, GRiZ, The Funk Hunters, Manic Focus