A collaboration between Rotterdam percussionist and producer Nadesh Ligthart aka DESH and Houston-based beatmaker Nocatchphraze, "The DM" is as intriguing as it seems on paper.

The track is an exciting jazztronica record that echoes a call-and-response with the inclusion of synth and trumpet phrases, that feel like an intricate fusion of sci-fi and adventure. As it mimics the experience of having a weekend becoming exciting with a notice of a late-night DM, its goal to offer some unexpected moments and sensations definitely lives up to its expectations through the subtle harmonies of the arrangement.

They say you like what you can easily recognize. Well, that must be 100% true, because, to me, this track is totally the sonic blend between two of Stereofox's own Bulgarian talents - Low Heat and Trombobby. The blend between the pleasantly saturated analog-like bass and the funky brass, they are known for respectively seems to come to life on "The DM" in the best way possible - definitely another reason to dig the tune and look into all of the artists involved!

posted by Chris
August 2021