Blending vulnerable lyrics and vocals with super confident productions and soundscapes, White Ascot's "New Season" is another one of the band's newest drops taken from their first album.

"Next Season" walks us through kind of a sad summer flirt, though the hook and melodies trick you to the impression of a happier story. This is something White Ascot does often: uplifting sound over a sad story. Right off the bat, the track opens up with a bright synth harmony, replaced by a smooth and groovy bassline plus a soulful Rhodes piano in the verses. The instrumentation evolves right alongside the vocals throughout the arrangement making for a really energizing and fresh-sounding piece.

White Ascot's new album PINK BLOOD/FALSE MEMORY consisting of ten songs reveals soft warm tones, pulsating basslines, and groovy but sparse drums all tied together by the band's signature neo-soul style.

posted by Chris
April 2021