“Maloja Pass” is like a time machine to a 1970s funk discotheque in London. 

Koji Ono keeps true to the roots of funk and disco on this one, while adding his own modern take to the track. You can the hear Britfunk essentials in this track, like the crisp cymbals, short kicks and melodic bassline. Matter of fact, the bassist on this track, Lester J. Batchelor, also played for the British funk band, Atmosfear, in the early 1980s, so that explains the similar sound. 

But still, Koji Ono adds more contemporary components, like the modulated synth and electric guitar that give it a modern, electro sound. Jean-Michel Bernard has an electric piano solo on the track, which also contributed to the electro funk groove. 

This track is simple, but still quite a colorful composition that will get suddenly have you pulling out your bell-bottoms from your closet for a funky night around town. 

posted by Lora
February 2021