Howdy, foxes! I'm Lora. I was born in Bulgaria but spent most of my life in the sunny state of California. Currently, I am based in Sofia.

I am a Journalism graduate from Humboldt State University and have a deep appreciation for storytelling, music, and photography. In high school, I was a big hip-hop head, blasting Curren$y from my 1998 Honda Civic. Now I tend to go for an easier-listening vibe, which ranges from neo-soul to trip-hop to dream and synth-pop. When I am not scouring the web for music, you can find me experimenting in the kitchen with a new recipe, or trying to find my zen somewhere in nature.

I am psyched to be a part of the Stereofox team and finally stop spamming my friends with all my new music discoveries and share them with you fellow Foxes, instead.