Aussie duo Flight Facilities is back after a five+ years hiatus and has teamed with butter baritone Channel Tres to craft up “Lights Up.” Flight Facilities was founded in 2009 by Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell and blew up with their original song "Crave You" in 2010.

The track begins with a voicemail message from Channel Tres, saying “Y’all should’ve called me to work on the album earlier, man, we could’ve been making something crazy.” Then the thick and woozy bass rolls in, pounding with energy. The hook is even sexier, with Tres singing about making moves and making it back home after the club. 

The track is about the way the city lights up after dark. Beaming with city-that-never-sleeps energy, the progressive and upbeat sound of “Lights Up” is quite vibrant and contagious. No doubt that these three talents could’ve been making some jams before, but we’re all here for this new collaboration. 

posted by Lora
May 2021