In 2021, it is easier than ever for artists to collaborate on tracks. When Jitwam and Folamour’s track, “Sun After Rain” was remixed by Kaidi Tatham, it became a cross-country product under the name “Sun After Rain - Kaidi Tatham’s After the Sun Remix.” 

Jitwam is a beatmaker, singer, and songwriter who stands out with his experimental sound of blending jazzy and funky elements into catchy house tracks. Mix in the funk-fond Folamour from France, a diverse multi-instrumentalist, and you’ve got yourself a groovy duo ready to blast through your speakers. 

“Sun After Rain” is a danceable jam, with glistening, electronic keys, and a bouncy disco beat and the brass comes in quick stabs, reminiscent of an old-school Detroit house track. As if the original track isn’t funky enough, this remix slows down the track and makes the brass and bass line much more prominent. Kaidi Tatham’s signature breakbeat sound can be heard here, adding a syncopated texture to the sound. 

Without a doubt, this track combines the multi-faceted styles of all three talents taking part in it. It leaves you with a lingering hunger for that modern funk-soul fusion that will have you delving into each artists’ discography and discovering new grooves. 

posted by Lora
February 2021