This “Peculiar Machine” remix is something I consider really special for two reasons. Number one – Georgia Anne Muldrow is involved. Number two – it’s a remix of a Salami Rose Joe Louis. It’s enough to make the whole thing feel like a really big deal, at least for me!

I’ll try to offer some explanation on my excitement for this particular track. First of all, Georgia Anne Muldrow may not be the most recognizable name, at least when it comes to the mainstream radar, but in now way does that diminish her status as one of the important artists of today’s jazz fusion scene. Additionally, Mos Def has publicly compared her to Nina Simone and Robert Flack, and who am I to oppose Mos Def on something like that. Furthermore, Salami Rose Joe Louis deserves your full and undivided attention (and yes, it’s one person). She is one of the latest artists signed to the Brainfeeder label and you need to hear no more than one song to find out what is she doing there.

The “Peculiar Machine” remix is vibrant, psychedelic trip with neo-soul undertones. The instrumental sounds and feels simultaneously submerged into the ocean and floating in space. It is this otherworldly soundscape that makes up for a beautifully haunted background for Georgia Anne’s vocals. What I like the most is that in the “Peculiar Machine” remix we don’t get to hear the bold, audacious and brazen Georgia Anne Muldrow that we get to hear so often. Instead, she is more like a spectral presence that glides over the beat, providing some beautifully-executed ghostly vocal work.

All in all, it’s a great song and more than fitting showcase for both artists!

posted by Dimitar
January 2021