Truly, when you first hear “Fairy Land,” it sounds like there are two separate tracks playing from different tabs on your browser. But soon enough yоu realize the sounds not only match up, but they flow together to create a dynamic, groovy instrumental. 

Okedo is an electronic duo from India that combine their skills to experiment with sounds from jazz to glitch-hop to indie pop. Ishaan Gandi is from Delhi and is on the live electronics and drums, while the synths and vocals are Will Clark’s forte. 

“Fairy Land” struts in with jazz and brass oozing from it, a thumping synth beat and glistening, glitchy elements, chimes, and a sensual vocal samples. The drum beat gives the track an unequal feel, which adds to the dynamic sound of it and peaks your curiosity as you listen. 

Were you able to catch that subtle sample of Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable” in there? Really goes to show how versatile these guys are and the various components they are able to incorporate into one track with ease. 

posted by Lora
January 2021