It's Friday! Just another day for some people, a sacred mark on the calendar for others. Whatever the case, it's only fitting to spice your Friday up with something deliciously soulful. Enter "Where We Go"!

It’s a track off master Steve Spacek’s latest LP Houses. In an album where for the most part, Spacek is paying homage to his techno and house roots, “Where We Go” is a groovy neo-soul journey filtered through the prism of early 00’s BRUK sound. It's all there – the straightforward syncopated rhythmic, the psychedelic synths, and yes, even the handclaps! If you have ever fallen for the broken beat sound of the early millennium, you will love it!

That being said, it’s Steve Spacek we are talking about! He isn't going to go out and produce a formulaic throwback for throwback's sake. As the case is with House in general, “Where We Go” is infused with the spirit of his adventurous nature, prone to experimenting and mixing up the most clichéd of clichés. Towards the end of the song, for example, there is a radical shift in terms of melody and structure and the whole sound and ambiance beforehand. It's one that is definitely surprising but in no way feels out of place or frivolous.

posted by Dimitar
January 2021