Melodiesinfonie and Fiona Fiasco come through with an idea we can all get behind - “Boys Suck.”  

This gem is tucked somewhere between psychedelic rock and surf pop and gives me the feeling of driving down a sunny highway with the top down. 

Melodiedinfonie is a musician and producer who explores a mélange of sounds, from chilled lofi instrumentals to more upbeat, electro funk tracks, all of which are flecked with flavors of jazz and soul. The singer, Fiona Fiasco brings her dreamy voice with fiery (pun intended) lyrics like:

“Big boys, look out. You suck so much. I’ll burn your cash and I hope you’re cool with it.”

The guitar riff is a wink to a classic bossa nova pattern and adds to the rhythmic, tropical feel of this “Boys Suck.”  The hi-hat cymbals and the vibratto guitar in the second half give that jazzy texture, signature to Melodiesinfonie. 

This isn’t the first time the two Swiss artists have worked together. They have multiple tracks, each different from the last. Check out the gentle single “Strong Ankles” and funky “Je Suis Avec Moi” if you are keen on hearing more from these two. 

posted by Lora
February 2021