Looking through my window on this warm February day and being shined on by the orange sunlight making its way through the terraces of the urban Sofia-city jungle, I couldn't imagine a better way to experience "Alone At Sunset" - the new collaborative track by Low Heat and Peyotoff, which is also our new Stereofox release.

Two of the most influential beatmakers on the Bulgarian neo-soul & alternative beats radar have joined forces for what can only be described as a luxurious cosmic funk experience. Going back to when Boyan (Low Heat) himself used to teach me music production at Sound Ninja Music Academy, I remember being struck by his unique musical style, consisting of sounds like wobbly pulsing synths, warm saturated bass and crisp varied percussion.

Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of that to be heard on "Alone At Sunset" in addition to Peyotoff's approach to implementing interesting textures and layers into soulful and welcoming beat soundscapes. Lush vintage synths, punchy drums and fat analog bass await you in this vibrant sonic journey heading towards the sunset.

The track is out now everywhere, show it some love!

posted by Chris
February 2021